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The Lititz Academy of Dance offers beginner thru advanced levels of many dance genres, including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Hip Hop and Pointe. We also offer Childrens' Combo Classes, Technique classes, and Private Lessons. 

Ballet - Our school is built upon the principle that Ballet is the basis for all dance. We take this very seriously, bringing our students strong technical ballet instruction through concepts from traditional ballet styles such as Cecchetti and Vaganova. Body alignment, turnout, and épaulement (carriage of the upper body and head) will be taught in all levels of ballet classes. As students advance, they are introduced to both classical and contemporary styles of ballet. Ballet is a requirement for all upper level Jazz classes, as well as for all Lyrical and Modern classes. We also offer separate Ballet technique classes. Each of these non-performance classes focus on Barre or Centre Barre, and one or more of the following: Turns, Petit Allegro, Grand Allegro and Adage. Additional pointe classes are offered to those dancers whom instructors feel have strong enough technique as well as an appropriate amount of strength in the legs and the core of the dancer's body.


Jazz - This popular form of dance is taught in a variety of choreographic styles: Funk, Character, Theater and Contemporary, to name a few.  Students begin class with a center floor warm-up, emphasizing the proper instruction of isolations, stretching and technique; followed by across floor combinations, including various turns and leaps. The last part of this class is the combination, exposing students to the above styles of jazz. While we place strong emphasis on technique, we also emphasize dancing their hearts out!  Ballet is a requirement for our mid- to upper-level Jazz classes.
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Tap - This amazing art form has become huge again in the past couple of decades! Making music with your feet - that's how we like to describe it. We use all kinds of music to teach strong technique and intricate rhythms. Theater tap, "funk" tap, "Rockette-Style" - we do it all!

Lyrical - The beautiful and powerful Lyrical is a form of jazz that is offered to our intermediate through advanced students. Musical interpretation through sustained extensions and expressive emotion. Expressing one's self , the lyrics of the music, and the emotion that the music makes the dancer feel is emphasized, along with the strongest of ballet and jazz technique and choreography.  Certain levels of ballet are a requirement.
Modern -  Based on the fundamentals of ballet technique, Modern uses expression and creativity as the impetus to movement, often improvisational in nature. Teachings culminate in an eclectic representation of styles including Limon, Cunningham, Horton, Taylor, Laban’s spatial movement awareness techniques, as well as numerous post-modern contemporary choreographers. Ballet is a requirement for all Modern classes
Hip Hop - The latest influences in the hip-hop and pop come together in these energetic classes! This form of dance can often be found in music videos, and has become very popular! This is a great (and fun!) supplement to one's dance training!
Children's Combination Classes are wonderful for our youngest dancers! The basics of ballet and tap are introduced from their preschool through 1st grade years- all in an encouraging and loving atmosphere. Students gain grace and coordination from ballet, along with rhythm and coordination from tap. Our main goal in these beginning years is to teach them to LOVE to dance!
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