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620 Paxton Place, Suite 107, Lititz, PA 17543       (717) 560-4000        lad@lititzacademyofdance.com             

"I just wanted to say again how great it was to work with your studio last week. Your hospitality made me feel right at home, and what a beautiful facility you have! I was thoroughly impressed on all accounts. Also, and please pass this along to your girls, the level of excellence and preparation your students demonstrate shows your studio to be one of the best I have ever worked with. Their ability to take direction really impressed me."
~ Jeff Kready of Broadway's Tony-winning musical, BILLY ELLIOTT

Office Hours

June 8-18 
Monday 10-1pm 
Tuesday 9-1pm 
Wednesday 4-6pm 
Thursday 9-1pm

**Tuesday, June 16th hours:
closed 9am-1pm
open 4-8pm

June 22-30 
Monday 5-7pm 
Tuesday 9-1pm 
Wednesday 5-7pm 
Thursday 9-1pm

For assistance, please call 560-4000 or email us at lad@lititzacademyofdance.com 

Thank you,
The Lititz Academy of Dance Staff






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Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, June 16th 4 pm-8pm
Open House

Summer Classes and Camps

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